Choosing the right Contractor

When you have reached the point to take your project from plan to product. Don’t let choosing the right contractor stand in the way. Try to remember that the contractor you choose will be a part of your personal or professional life for the duration of your project. With this in mind we have created a check list to help you make the best decision.

  • Were your calls answered in a timely Manner?
  • Did the contractor show up on time?
  • How was the contractors appearance?
  • Does the contractor understand what you want?
  • Did the contractor try to answer all your questions in a way you could easily understand?
  • Do you like the contractor?
  • How does the contractor make you feel?
  • Can the contractor stay in your budget?
  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?
  • Your needs come first.

Things to look out for

High pressure salesmen:

Don’t let someone persuade you into making a decision that you are not comfortable with, or if you need more time, to do research so you can make a well informed decision that suits your needs.

Compare Apples to Apples:

If you get several bids with a  wide range of prices make sure all the contractors estimates are for the same services, that none of them have left anything out or are using the wrong products for your project. Never hesitate to ask questions.

Go with your gut:

Most of the time, if you take price out of the question, your first instinct is your best. Choose the contractor you think is the most qualified to complete your project the way you want it.

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